Manila Fame 2015 Baybayin atbp HallOne

Manila Fame is considered as the Philippines' design and lifestyle event that happens twice a year in the Philippines. A showcase of Filipino craftsmanship, design innovation, and artisan skills in Philippine products.

It features finely selected furniture and home furnishings, holiday gifts and decor, and fashion accessories designed and crafted in the Philippines.

Veronica Laurel's work is featured by HallOne DTI Center for International Trade Expositions and Missions (CITEM) with the Theme Baybayin atbp.

The Baybayin atbp exhibition is on going from October to December 2015 at the HallOne Exhibition Room in Citem Internation Trade Center, Roxas Blvd, Pasay City, Metro Manila.

Left to Right
Orasyon and The Observer

Veronica Laurel's art calls to the past, re-imagining a world where Baybayin is used as norm.

Her work Orasyon, a rectangular box covered in glass protects items and trinkets that a witch doctor might have had during the creation of potion of spells. A few books were filled with orasyon written in the Baybayin script. The orasyon written on a book that is twisted and turned on the lower level is a prayer for the departed souls to achieve eternal peace, as opposed to a heavenly realm. Fossils of animals and insects can be seen in the box where a cryptic eye watches from the inside.
The artwork, The Observer, a towering sculpture standing on three legs with eyes that ublinkingly watches have works inscribed on its sides. The Baybayin script translates to Ako Ang Mundo, Ang Mundo ay Ako on its sides. A phrase that signifies oneness with the universe. On top of the box is a phrase Nakikita Kata, a reminder that the universe is always watching.