Veronica Laurel (b.1987) is a book artist residing in Laguna, Philippines.
Her work focuses on the discipline of book arts that also combines wood carving and found objects to convey the human condition, otherwise emotions made manifest and objectified through book arts.
A recollection of memory and a vessel for her literary arts, her artwork is a marriage of visual arts and literature.

The human condition is the heart of man's philosophy, meaning, and purpose, or lack thereof. This is where I want to revolve my art in, where we as humans go about living depending on our understanding. I prefer to tap into the human consciousness and create an impact, satire, and cynical commentary through my artworks.
We are simple creatures who strive for complications often missing the point, that is our tragedy and our flaw.  Our unenlightened path is often romanticized, our tragedies, and suffering.
That is what I want to capture. Book arts is a versatile and expansive art medium that I wish to push in the local art scene and drive a recognition that it is also a vital genre in contemporary art. My works have elements like paper, wood, and glass for these are properties that varies in their own fragile state and can symbolize certain qualities of people.